Rattan Home Decor: Why You Should Try It

Rattan Home Decor: Why You Should Try ItRattan home decor, to be fair, is not a newcomer fad of interior design. During the ‘70s, everything rattan was all the rage; all households can be observed implementing rattan decorations, if to certain levels. Wicker items made of rattan graced everyone’s house back then; you can see them in a variety of forms and shapes: patio furniture, baskets, or chairs. In general, rattan items were primarily used for outdoor placement. This is thanks to the material’s innate property that is naturally capable of withstanding changing weather and exposure to elements. Rattan is also known by its various names such as Malacca, manau, and manila and the way it is worked into furniture (referring to the technique to weave rattan strains together) truly imbue its surrounding with a distinct, all-natural feel. And today, rattan makes its way into the inside of everybody’s house. Rattan items might be a little tricky for placement in a house with modern look but they make for darn good addition to others with tropical, coastal, shabby-chic, or rustic looks. With a little tweak and mix-matching, rattan items can even be proportional for a classic and traditional setting. Place a set of cane-backed chairs in a highly classic house and you will get a hint of subtle neo-colonialism to cheer about.

But their ability to improve a room is one thing. What is even more thrilling is their price. Rattan home decor is perhaps one of the things you find at a thrift store or during a garage sale. When you buy something with such qualities rattan decors have on the cheap, you can get an instant upgrade for the house with so little work put forth. Take a set of rattan chairs to experiment with. If the chairs do not come with anything else other than their frames, you can combine them with upholsteries of your choice. Set a wooden tall lamp next to one and you get a setting that feels warm and filled with shabbiness. Rattan dining chairs, on the other hand, make for affordable companions to that lush slab of hardwood dining table. Pick ones that have darker shades so they create exclusive yet natural look for the dining room. They are also lightweight, which means moving them around would not be a hassle.

Rattan home decor ideas are abundant. Rattan baskets are as functional as they are pretty to look at. Set a cluster of rattan baskets of various sizes and heights and you could put everything in them—or just leave them be. Wicker rattan sofas are great for living rooms especially in a beach house. They pair nicely with abundant sunlight and warm environment and increase whimsy in the room. You can even put rattan weaving on a glass and use it as a decorative element. This might be too much work especially when you do not have the skill but you can always find someone who can offer you a help with this purpose. Rattan is making a comeback and you should join with the trend.